Distance Session

“When the hands are further away, the Morphogenic Field is being accessed. This field uses extremely high frequency energy to replace and regenerate all tissues. This is how non-local healing is accomplished.” 

-Albert Einstein


The concept of distance sessions has boggled the logical aspects of our brains! However, there is more and more scientific research and data that is showing that it works but we are just beginning to embark on the details of how it works. Much of these explanations of “how” are coming from quantum physics including, dynamic systems theory, the Field, non-local quantum hologram, time and space, universal consciousness etc. Consider how long people have been praying, it has now been medically proven that prayer heals. The healing energy of our thoughts intended for the ill person can actually change the energy frequencies that are causing the dis-ease for the person. 

Most BodyTalk Practitioners utilize the techniques we learn in MindScape to facilitate distance healing sessions. These techniques enable practitioners to access the alpha state, which utilizes the brain’s ability to draw upon the intuitive powers of the mind and tune into the client’s healing priorities. Given that everything in the universe is energy and frequencies, we simply tune into the frequency of the client to facilitate the session. Think about how your computer can wirelessly connect to the internet or how we can operate the television with a remote or the garage door opener. It’s all energy frequencies tuned into one another to send and receive information. In this case the sender and receiver are both the client and practitioner. The client is sending their energy frequency to the practitioner that tunes in and receives the information, listens to the client’s body’s priorities to heal and then observes the connections within the body that are going to re-establish harmony. The client then receives that information and their body makes the adjustments!

Once we understand that everything in the universe is connected to everything else in the universe and it is all accessible information, distance sessions become easy to understand and facilitate. Think about a set of twins and how even though they are miles apart, they just know when something happens to their sibling. Any close family members or friends can have this type of connection. Similarly, studies of unborn children across the world from their fathers respond on ultrasound when something happens to their fathers. This actually revolutionized the way people viewed the importance of father’s taking care of themselves, just as much as the mothers during pregnancy. In other scientific experiments live cells have been taken from the same person and taken miles away and what happens to one sample of cells is reflected also in the other sample of cells that nothing has happened to. We are far more connected than we realize, distance and time are not limiting factors.